“The Aimless 20-Something…”

I have been an avid blog reader for years, and have always dreamed I would feel confident enough to start one of my own some day. But if I have learned anything in the past 5 years about being an “adult” (I obviously use the term loosely), it is to make your own path regardless of the opinion of others. There is no more detrimental a thought than “IS THIS WHO I AM SUPPOSED TO BE.” You aren’t supposed to be anything other than the vision you dream up for yourself. So here I am creating this blog with uncertainty but excitement. I want this blog to be for myself, inspiring me on the days I can’t see the light. And for anyone else who stumbles upon this chaos and can relate.

While I am not exactly sure what my niche will be, I am certain that I am going to find out. I should have titled the blog, “The Aimless 20-something Wandering Along Without A Map and Lost In A Maze of People Who Have Their Shit Together…” You get my point.

Welcome to Just Taalor.


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