Never Have a Hangover Again

Image-1About midway through college I started to realize that my hangovers were not like everyone else’s. Regardless of if I only went and had one beer or one glass of wine with dinner or if I went and got crazy with the girls on a Saturday night, it was always the same result. The entire next day I was in bed with a severe hangover. But then I started to realize that this was not typical. My hangovers ended up being migraines. I had always dealt with migraines through my whole life, but I didn’t really know that much about them. A little research happened, and I realized that certain things (esp. beer and wine) were BIG TIME migraine triggers. No fun, right?!

One quiet evening, my friends and I were sitting in our favorite little sports bar. We knew the bartenders and waitresses there, so it quickly became one of our favorite spots. I was bitching about my plight, and one of the bartenders swore by something. My life was changed forever. The Vodka Water. Sounds gross? That’s usually the response I get from most people who look at me weird when I tell them what I’m drinking. Until I force them to try one, and they are hooked.

Most bartenders will serve it with a lemon and a lime. I personally prefer two lemons (or as many as they will give me) and skip the lime. It tastes just like your basic lemon water you would order with dinner. Sounds boring? Well it isn’t. You know that feeling through a night out that you get sick of whatever you’re drinking. Too much sugary soda or sweet juices? This is refreshing.

It gets better. This is a vodka WATER we are talking about here. Hello…hydration! I’m not going to go on some rant about the benefits of water. Someone killed that horse a long time ago. But what I am going to say is that your alcohol tolerance is much better. No one wants to be that annoying girl stumbling and slurring…not attractive.

There’s one more “It gets better”: There is no hangover the next day. Ever. No migraine. No slow morning. No Advil needed.

You can also doctor them up a bit, if you are feeling they are too boring for your mood. Have the bartender splash a bit of OJ or Sprite or BOTH. Just a little goes a long way while still reaping the benefits of drinking water all night long.

Next time you’re out, give it a try!


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