Rejection Isn’t Personal…Or Is It?

I am definitely not the girl who deals with rejection well. But, honestly, does anybody? I have been on a full time job hunt for the past two months in a very small job market. There really isn’t much available unless I want to move 4 hours in any direction and that really isn’t an option for me right now. The past two promising gigs lead me to a great second interview, and then always bad news. One time, due to funding, they decided to just get rid of the position all together. The conversation went a little like this, “I really wish I was calling you with a job offer. We loved you, and we all agreed you were great for this position. Unfortunately we were not able to acquire continued funding…” Blah, blah, blah. That is what happens when you work in a social services/non-profit related field. I get that it happens. But on a personal level, I always get my hopes up. I start visualizing myself in that position and get so excited.

Today, I received another such phone call. Except this time, it was because I wanted to continue my education that hurt me against the other candidate (even though it was obvious that school was not going to interfere, etc..) They just felt that the other candidate was in it for the long haul with the company whereas in 3 years I would probably want to move on to further my career.

These things happen. I wasn’t going to lie and not tell them about continuing my education. What if I had committed to this job without knowing whether my scheduling would conflict down the road. But still, it is always a little disappointing. I was driving alone in the car when I received the call, and it definitely put a damper on my perfectly swell day. I pulled in the driveway feeling down, and then I remembered a very important aspect to the job hunt that I forgot:

Don’t take a rejection personally. 

It is not personal. It is just business. That is all.

I don’t tend to think I am a “fate” type of thinker, but maybe I am because all I can keep reminding myself is that “what was meant to be will happen”…I have to have faith that I just haven’t stumbled upon my correct path yet and remind myself of the things I have in my life every day that make me so happy: my boyfriend, my family, my blog, my passions. Happiness is all around me. Take the time today to see your own happiness

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One thought on “Rejection Isn’t Personal…Or Is It?

  1. Inspiration Indulgence says:

    Rejection is the worst feeling in the world because it is TOTALLY PERSONAL!! At least for me..I’m a very sensitive person so I have trouble letting that stuff go. I need to work on that! And my mantra is “whatever is meant to, will” I wholeheartedly believe in this. Great post! 😀

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