Battling the Wintertime Blues

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Since launching Just Taalor, I have been truly motivated to provide a strong foundation for what I want to represent and be able share my passions. That has become my only priority and number one goal right now. I have never felt so motivated than I am now to be able to pursue my blogging dream. With that being said, I am definitely combatting some winter time blues. I am so sick of bundling up and slipping on the ice. I would like to get my necessary amounts of Vitamin D without risking my life day in and day out.

In other news, I feel so empty this week because I finished the Serial podcast and I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. How else am I supposed to distract myself from car rides in the tundra? For the past two weeks, I have been pouring over who truly killed Hae. Looking at the evidence and the documents the website offers (it’s hard to see, but this is exactly what is on my computer screen, judge me)…like I might see something that many professionals had missed? Yeah right. But still…the case has really weighed on my thoughts and I can not wait for the second season!


I have a background in psychology and am currently applying to graduate schools for Counseling Psychology. I am so excited to begin my career in this field! Today I was lucky to tour our beautiful Mental Health Institution. This was not a picture from today, but due to arctic temperatures outside, pausing to take a snap would result in my death (okay, I’m done whining about the weather now). Back in the day it was a full functioning town of sorts. It had its own fields to produce food, its own water tower, staff living quarters and a cemetery filled with patients who died during the 1918 Influenza pandemic. When we were teenagers, we would sneak out there because there was rumors that it was haunted. I do have to admit it was pretty spooky out there. The trees are dead and looming, surrounding old tombstones. A setting straight out of the work of Edgar Allan Poe. I was just thinking how it would be an amazing photography project to take on next…once its not so cold outside, of course (okay, now I’m actually done).

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.11.25 PM

Tonight, Dalton and I decided to take a small weekend trip in a couple weeks to the Wisconsin Dells. When you live in the Midwest, there really isn’t many options for a short weekend outing, but I always love a winter trip to the Dells. This was a picture I took from our balcony last winter there. Overlooking the frozen river was so appealing, even if it was a bit dreary outside. They have a small ski resort nearby to spend the day and a large indoor waterpark to warm up at night. I love going at the beginning of March because I have always gotten a great deal for hotel costs, and it is just a fun way to end the long Iowa winters. By this point, a fun trip is the only thing that will distract me from my winter blues.

How are you combatting your winter blues?

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