Doing What You Love and Owning It

Being honest with myself and finally consciously admitting that I wanted to be a writer has been one of the most rewarding things that has ever happened to me. Through out my entire life, the biggest decisions were mainly based off of what I thought my parents would approve of–the standard 9 to 5 with salary and benefits, making a positive impact on society. They grew up in a world where unless something is black and white, it is too risky. They automatically visualize the worst because unfortunately it has happened in our family…several times. The failed business ventures. The 30-year-old still living in the basement. They know the reality of life that comes in the form of over due bills and vanquishing the wants when needs have to be met.

Growing up, I always had these seemingly crazy dreams. Dreams that now as an adult I see others living and how much I crave for that. Creating this blog was a big step for me. In a very personal way. It was putting the doubts of reality and chasing a dream regardless of anything besides “YES, I’M PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE!”

Going for what exactly you want is exactly what you need to do right now. It’s so cliché when we hear it, but somehow it is the one thing we never follow through with. Then we continue with the same old patterns. Playing it safe. Even if it is as simple as taking the photography class at the local college or volunteering for a local cause. Something out of your comfort zone or something that’s been on your mind. Start small and take consistent steps towards the bigger picture.

How do you step out of your comfort zone?