Planning for the Year Ahead


Creating something or doing something only for the pure reason that it is joyful needs to be implemented into our lives more often. When has the last time you’ve done something just because? Too often we get swept up with the hustle of life – housework, paychecks, errands…

Remember when you were a teenager and you just hung out? Just because it was fun and you didn’t have anything else better to do that day. That carefree feeling. And then that whole adult thing happened. (Side note: my favorite new verb of the last 2 years has been adulting – “I need to go do some adulting now” as I step away from the candy jar and drag my feet back to my desk.)

My point is, when is the last time you just hung out without a care in the world and did something fun that made you happy?


I decided to start planning a Passion Project for 2017. Something with ZERO endgame, that genuinely sounded like a fun challenge. I first of this from Lisa Congdon (kick ass painter) who did this project where she photographed a collection every day for an entire year. Cool, right? All you have to do is checkout her website and you’ll immediately realize it was probably really fucking cool.

So what kind of project did I want to do? When I heard about her passion projects I actually didn’t want to do anything. They sounded cool, but I didn’t have the capacity or commitment to complete something like that for myself.  Then BAM I was reading this article about letter writing and it hit me:

I am going to write a letter every single day for 2017. I was going to make each letter unique. And just to clarify, I mean letter as in Dear John, my name is Taalor. I love you.  Sincerely, Taalor P.S. you’re cute. Not Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letters.

And here’s the kicker, each letter has be be sent. Somehow. Someway. Maybe not in the mail. Maybe left on someones car. Or at a table. Or in a book. Or in the mail. Probably the majority of them will go there.  The creativity is not only going to be in the words and whom they are meant for, but also the materials that are used to create them. SO MANY OPTIONS. I want to pee my pants I am so excited for this project.

And that my friends is the best fucking part. “I want to pee my pants I am so excited for this project.”  There is no end game. I am not doing this to make money (good joke even if I wanted to), and I am not doing this to copy someone else getting famous. I am sure someone else has done this before, but I’ve personally never heard of them. That isn’t the point. The point is that I had this kickass idea pop into my brain and it has dopamine having a dance parting in my frickin head.


Action is the only thing you can do to find your purpose and your path. You don’t have to know where you are going. You just have to take a step. In any direction. Just do something. And if you don’t know what it is, put your phone down and go take a walk. Or read a book. I don’t care. Just do something.

What is going to be your 2017 Passion Project? Also now accepting application/addresses for anyone who wants a letter for me! haha – 365 unique letters are going to kill me. Help a lady out! (Sarcasm intended…sort of)


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